Top Row!!!

QUICK! Drop whatever you’re doing and go to the HDSA Homepage on Crowdrise!

I’m in the top row!


Out of the dozens of people who are raising money for HDSA this year in the NYC Marathon, I have raised the FOURTH HIGHEST AMOUNT OF MONEY!

Thank you so much to all of you who have donated. You’re awesome. You’re amazing. But more than anything, you’re generous. Every cent that has been donated is greatly appreciated, and you are helping making a difference in people’s lives.

In short, thank you.


If you haven’t yet made a donation and would like to, please click on my picture when you go to the HDSA homepage. Or, you can go to Let’s see if we can get me into 3rd place!

Posted by Noah Hougland

Noah is a public high school teacher in New York City. He was recently diagnosed as gene-negative for HD and is raising money this year by running the NYC Marathon. Donations to his campaign may be made through the link at the top of the page or the widget on the right.


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