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Hi everyone,

In case you didn’t know (although if you’re following this blog you definitely do!), I’m running the NYC Marathon on Sunday, November 1st! It’s my fourth marathon, my second time running in NYC, and this year I’m running with Team HDSA in support of Huntington Disease awareness and research. I’ve been raising money throughout the year, and if you’d like to help please go to, I’m excited to be running for a cause that is so near and dear to my heart.

You should come cheer me on! It’s rough running a marathon, and the other runners and I can take all the encouragement we can get, so if you want to check out all the fun, I’d love to see you out there.

Kelly will be volunteering at the Finish Line this year, so please come provide a friendly face, particularly in the Bronx, the East Side, and Brooklyn. If you want to come out, I have attached a map of the course which has mile markers and streets on it (I’m in the green wave in Brooklyn).

I will be starting at 10:15 AM. My goal is to finish in four hours, and I will cross mile markers around these times:

5 miles: 11:00 am
10 miles: 11:46 am
15 miles: 12:32 pm
20 miles: 1:18 pm
26.2 miles: 2:15 pm

If you’re having trouble reading the map, that means that I’ll be near Bay Ridge at 10:40, Sunset Park at 11:00, Park Slope at 11:15, Williamsburg at 11:40, Greenpoint at 11:55, Long Island City at 12:25, the Upper East Side at 12:45, East Harlem at 1:00, the South Bronx at 1:15, East Harlem again at 1:25, the Guggenheim at 1:55, and Central Park South at 2:05.

There is an app available to track runners in the race, and you can download it here. My number is 36432.
The course map can be downloaded here.


TCSNYCM15 CourseMap

Posted by Noah Hougland

Noah is a public high school teacher in New York City. He was recently diagnosed as gene-negative for HD and is raising money this year by running the NYC Marathon. Donations to his campaign may be made through the link at the top of the page or the widget on the right.


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