Never a dull moment…

Shortly after my post last night I discovered that the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) had decided to make things interesting for me today (as well as thousands of other runners). For those who are not from New York, you need to know these facts: 

  1. The marathon begins on Staten Island
  2. The easiest way to Staten Island is the ferry
  3. The easiest way to the ferry is the 1 train

Now that you know those facts, allow me to share what we discovered last night: 

The 1 train is not running to the ferry this weekend. Sigh… 

This, sadly, is not common knowledge, as evidenced by the woman on the train with me right now who was planning on transferring to the 1 to get to the Ferry. Another runner and I just had to explain to her a different train to take so she wouldn’t get stranded. 

I’ll save you any further details regarding how big a pain it is have to take multiple trains at 6am, or how absurd it is that neither the MTA nor New York Road Runners thought this was a bad idea, or that maybe Road Runners should have emailed us all to warn us, so I’ll just leave it at this:

What the hell, man?

Anyway, in theory I start running in about four hours, so don’t forget to track me using my bib number 36432 at or by downloading the TCS Marathon App. Provided I make it to the start line…

Posted by Noah Hougland

Noah is a public high school teacher in New York City. He was recently diagnosed as gene-negative for HD and is raising money this year by running the NYC Marathon. Donations to his campaign may be made through the link at the top of the page or the widget on the right.


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