Top Row!!!

QUICK! Drop whatever you’re doing and go to the HDSA Homepage on Crowdrise! I’m in the top row! Out of the dozens of people who are raising money for HDSA this year in the NYC Marathon, I have raised the FOURTH HIGHEST AMOUNT OF MONEY! Thank you so much to all of you who have donated. You’re awesome. You’re amazing. But more than anything, you’re generous. Every cent that has…

September 24, 2015

Aunt Sharon

Today would have been my Aunt Sharon’s 60th birthday. Like my father, she also had Huntington’s Disease, and she passed away this March. I did not know her as well as I would have liked, due in large part to geography, but we did have one thing in common that I wish we’d had a chance to talk about – she was a runner. I think she would have liked…

September 20, 2015

Back to School

I was a little worried coming in to this week. I had been working pretty hard not to skip any runs, and I even managed to get my long run in while we were out of town for Labor Day, but then we had school starting and I wasn’t sure what would happen from there… Well, I started off strong at least. On Monday, despite the fact that we were…

September 13, 2015