90 Miles

90 Miles. That’s how far I ran in August, all so I can prepare for the NYC Marathon in November. And that’s without the days of walking I spent in California, trudging through San Francisco and Yosemite. Crazy. Tomorrow I start September, where I’m scheduled to run over 130! Can’t wait to see how that goes… On the bright side, I only have $370 left to raise! Just think –…

August 31, 2015

FREE Money for HDSA!

Quick update today: I just discovered that HDSA has a partnership with Amazon that will allow you to give money to HDSA by doing almost nothing. It’s quite simple – any time you want to purchase anything from Amazon, use THIS LINK instead of going directly to Amazon, and Amazon will donate a small percentage of your purchase directly to HDSA. You pay exactly what you would have paid before,…

August 28, 2015

Hello Again

Like most teachers, I have a tendency to make lots of grand plans for what I will accomplish over the summer, only to finish none of them. Case in point: my last post on this blog was in May, because… I don’t know. Not really sure why I haven’t sat down to say anything here. I started a post about my emotional reaction to Father’s Day, but I found myself…

August 26, 2015